What is AglocoNAI?
Agloco Network Activity Index tells you how much your network is working, not how many referrals are using AGLOCO Viewbar. In general how many hours your network is giving you relating the maximum hours you could expect from it. Although it is very important to build an huge network referring as many people as possible, also it does not make any sense if only a few of them will use the Viewbar. Here we make a calculation every month, people with both highest NAI and number of hours.

How to be listed on Agloco Top NAI

If you want to be listed on Agloco Top NAI and/or Agloco Top Hours for each month send within 10th of the following month a screenshot of your account to AGLOCO NAI TEAM E-MAIL telling us which country you're from and the url of your site/blog, if you have one. Condition to participate, you must have a minimum of 40 referrals in your network, referring to the month you want to be listed

We also have a list for Agloco Low NAI calculations, useful in order to see if there's some common parameter between members registering a low NAI.

-> See how to make a screenshot

How to calculate NAI?

NAI is an index expressed in percentage that relates hours you have accumulated in 1 or more months and the maximum hours you could accumulate with a certain number of referrals:

NAI (%) = (Hours * 100) / (Referrals * Factor)

Hours = number of hours in a certain month (you can substract hours of actual month by total hours, to have hours of previous month)

Referrals = number of referrals in a certain month (you can substract referrals of actual month by total referrals, to have referrals of previous month)

Factor = Max.hours * GEA /100. It indicates how many hours 1 referral is using the Viewbar, for the maximum hours it gives you. (Note: for who send screenshot for the first time or after some months he didn't send it, his NAI is calculated considering a Factor = Max.hours * GEA * Months of activity/100)

Max.hours = 5
Global Earnings rate (GEA) = 25%
Factor = 5 * 25/100 = 1,25

Example 1 :

500 members , 200 hours:
NAI = (200*100)/(500*1,25) = 32,00 %

Example 2 (member who send screenshot for first time after 2 months of activity or after 1 months he didn't send it) :

500 members , 200 hours: NAI = (200*100)/(500*1,25*2) = 16,00 %